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Treatment plus blow dry $50

Treatment plus blow dry $50 add Treatment with blow dry and take home maintenance package $125

Treatment alone, or when booked with another service $30

Treatment with blowout or style (excludes up-do) $75


A deep conditioning treatment for dry, brittle hair due to bleaching and highlighting. With the addition of Fiaschetto Tomato, olive butter and vitamin E; this treatment is made to deeply nourish chemically treated hair, giving it body, while also making it soft and silky.


This illuminating and regenerating mask is ideal for colored hair. With the addition of caper blossom extract, this will not only make the hair soft and silky, but will also help improve the duration of the color without weighing down the hair.

Love Smoth

Smooths and improves control of frizzy or wavy hair. With the addition of Sicilian Minuta Olives, this mask contains rich ingredients that add moisture and shine to frizzy, unruly hair.


A luxurious treatment to help protect beautiful hair. With the soothing hydration from apricot butter, and the addition of Roucou oil to add anti-oxidants and help prevent hair from aging, this mask will instantly add shine, softness, silkiness, and control frizz.


A nourishing treatment for extremely dry, damaged hair and scalp. This treatment uses royal jelly along with essential oils of mandarin and ylang ylang to help rehabilitate the scalp and mend the cuticle layers of the hair.


To help combat hormone related hair-loss, alopecia and sebum hyper-production. With the addition of green tea extract, mung bean and crimson clover extract, this treatment deeply cleanses and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicle. It also helps rebalance the scalp, creating a foundation for stronger hair.


Helps make hair stronger, silkier, and fuller with the help of hyaluranic acid. The acid has a plumping effect on the hair, adding buoyancy, elasticity, and protection to the hair.


This treatment helps retrain hair follicles to produce fewer oils. The combination of burnet extract along with cinnamon and ginger help to normalize sebum production, keeping the scalp clean.


This treatment is recommended to remove product or environmental buildup. Based on a formula from Piemonte, Italy; and with the addition of artichoke phytochemicals, mint essential oil, and coriander, this deeply purifying mask leaves hair lighter, brighter, and softer than before.

Minu Post Coloring

This treatment makes the hair structure more compact, increasing shine and the duration of your color.

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